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General Luau Information

A luau is a social affair in Hawaii with a feast of traditional Hawaiian food and a showcase of traditional Hawaiian and Polynesian dance.

Luau is pronounced "Lou-ow" and is a Hawaiian word signifying an outdoor feast of Hawaiian dishes for family and friends. 

In pre-missionary Hawai`i, both special religious occasions and human milestones were observed with feasting. Food in early Hawai`i was very often scarce and precious. What food they had, they shared with each other and with the gods. For feasts and even ordinary meals were important ways of communicating with the gods and one's fellow man. During the feast or meal, the ancestral gods were usually brought out and they were also given their share of the meal - beyond a ritual offering of the spiritual essence or (aka) of the food.

In old Hawai'i , the `aha`aina feast was both a religious experience and an important part of the early ohana (family) way of life. The food prepared for the feast was precious to the early Hawaiian, for it provided vital source of life's nourishment from the gods.

Today, the observance of the religious significance of the `aha`aina has all but disappeared and a feast, as it is hosted and celebrated in contemporary times, has become essentially, a purely social affair.

While today's menu is similar to the food that was served at a traditional `aha`aina, much of the religious significance and symbolism of the foods are usually forgotten.

Yes. Please contact our Special Events department to learn more. Call us at (808) 947-1244 ext. 104 or toll-free at (800) 367-5655.

Yes! There are many opportunities for audience participation. At Germaine’s Luau®, you don't just watch the show — you have a chance to be part of the show!

Special Events and Private Events

Yes! Please contact our Special Events department to discuss hosting your event at Germaine’s Luau®. Call us at (808) 947-1244 ext. 103 or for groups and weddings ask for Aulani toll-free at (800) 367-5655.

We have been providing spectacular Hawaiian and Polynesian entertainment for private parties and conventions throughout Hawai'i and the Continental United States since 1991. Call us at (808) 947-1244 ext. 103 or toll-free at (800) 367-5655 for more information.

The Show and Dinner

Your admission includes a buffet dinner with beverages and the Polynesian Review show, featuring traditional dances of the islands of Samoa, Tahiti, New Zealand and Hawaii ~ See Pricing Info

We do not, as the dinner is an important part of the luau experience.

Yes. You get unlimited soft drinks and coffee for all packages and the following:

The Original: 2 Standard Drink Ticket per Adult 21+

The Plumeria: 3 Standard Drink Tickets per Adult 21+ or 3 Drink Tickets (redeemable for any non-alcoholic beverage) for Jrs or Children


Our buffet features a combination of traditional Island dishes and continental fare. To quench your thirst, there is everything from fruit punch and soft drinks to Germaine's special Mai Tai's and Blue Hawaii's! Our full menu is viewable here:

Our caterers can prepare a "Vegetable stir-fry" entree, with at least 24 hour advanced notification.  Please note that we do not offer any other menu substitutions or special meals.  You are still able to select any other menu item in the buffet that you choose.  A "Menu Ingredients" list can be emailed to you upon request to assist you in making your selections from the rest of our menu items in our buffet.


Our luau is located in Kapolei on the beach. We are next to the Barber’s Point Lighthouse. It is approximately 27 miles from Waikiki. See map and directions.

Yes. We recommend making a reservation a couple of days in advance but will accept them up to the day of if there are seats available.

Depending on your particular package, we offer 2 different seating options.

  • Original Package is non-reserved seating in Dining Area
  • Plumeria Package is reserved VIP seating in Dining Area

Yes, provided we have availability. We encourage our guests to confirm and prepay their reservations in advance on the Internet.

We take online orders until 12pm on the day of the Luau. You can call us until 3pm the day of the luau to check if we have seating available for that evening. 

Tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis. We suggest reserving in advance, particularly during the busy summer months. We suggest placing your order at least 24 hours in advance year-round.

Yes, there are 2 different tiered Package Prices ~ See Pricing Info

Yes, there are 2 different tiered Package Options ~ See Pricing Info

We can order a special “stir fry” dish for you with advanced notice. Then you can go down our buffet line to select any other dish that you may desire.

Group and Local Rates

We do. Please call our reservation office for information and to make a group reservation. 

Yes, we are happy to offer special kamaaina rates with a valid local ID. Please call us for more information.

Yes. As long as 1 attendee in your party has a valid local ID, kamaaina rates will apply.


We host a luau Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun. We are closed on Mondays & Wednesdays. *Open certain Mondays

We are also closed on January 1st


Yes! We do not charge for children 3 years and under. We ask that you have them sit on your lap on the bus if there are no extra seats. At the luau, they are able to sit in their own seat and are given a small plate for the dinner buffet. Unlimited soft drinks are also available. Please bring your own baby carrier or stroller as we do not have any high chairs at the luau.

Yes. Please note, because the luau is on beach you will have to pull the stroller through the sand. 

Luau Seating

The majority of our tables are picnic style benches. If you require a chair with a back, please contact our reservation office and we will arrange to have one for you.

Depending on your particular package, we offer 2 different seating options.

  • Original Package is non-reserved seating in Dining Area
  • Plumeria Package is reserved VIP seating in Dining Area

Contact us in advance if you have special needs that require reserved seating.

Special Accommodations

Yes, although our luau is on the beach, we do have some areas where the sand is more compact. With the assistance of your party, you are able to access this area. We discourage bringing motorized scooters since several have been damaged in the past due to sand getting into the motor. Germaine’s Luau will not be held responsible for any damage.

Please contact us as soon as possible if you are bringing a wheelchair on the bus as we may need to reserve a specialized vehicle with our transportation company and these special buses are not always available.

Please let us know at the time you make your reservations so we can do our best to accommodate.


Please call us to cancel your reservations. Cancellations made 24 hours prior to the day of the luau will be refunded in full. No refunds are available after this deadline. There are no luau tickets issued for each guest who does not show or check-in for the luau on the date booked.


We are a 45-minute drive from Waikiki.

When will I arrive home?

You will arrive back in Waikiki between 9pm-10pm.  

There are pre-determined designated Hotels for pick-up throughout Waikiki. If there is not a designate pick-up at the hotel you're staying at, we will arrange for pick-up at a nearby location which is normally within a 5 minute walk.

Yes. Gates open at 5:15 pm. On-site parking fee is $5.00 per vehicle

We offer round-trip motor-coach transportation from Waikiki if selected. However, you can also drive out to the Luau Site if you choose to do so. On-site parking fee is $5.00 per vehicle

On-site parking fee is $5.00 per vehicle

The Day of the Luau

Our luau is located in Kapolei on the beach. We are next to the Barber’s Point Lighthouse. It is approximately 27 miles from Waikiki. See map and directions.

We suggest a light jacket and comfortable shoes with casual Aloha attire, i.e. a casual Aloha shirt and jeans or shorts.

The gates open at 5:15pm and you can expect to return to Waikiki by 10pm

On the rare occasion that we have to cancel the show, we will notify you.